Wednesday, January 22, 2014



Dress: Zara // Sweater: Topshop // Hat: Net a Porter // Shoes: ASOS // Bag: Nat & Matt // Socks: Shopbop

Hello again!
I present to you the first style set of 2014, and although it came 3 weeks late, I finally took a much needed break from studying for finals, midterms, and writing a term paper to post this, the latter of which I enjoy doing a lot more.

Even though I've promised to curb my spending, I can't help but window shop from the computer as I scroll through the Zara online site looking at all their beautiful, affordable merchandise. Although many of the things there caught my eye, this dress here is one of the ultimate staple pieces in this entire ensemble. You can wear a cardigan over it, go bare armed, or if you're me, throw a creamy-white looking sweater over it, giving it the illusion of a skirt.

Lately for some reason I've also become obsessed with fedoras. I never really pictured them in any outfit I'd wear, but they seem to me to be an essential piece for any outfit, and now I realize even more how much fedoras can cover up a bad hair day, or make a boring outfit seem so much more cooler. Note: Fedoras look better on women. Always.

Finally, I have been drooling over this Nat & Matt Dean backpack for pretty much forever (okay, maybe for more than a year now), and I will not rest until I acquire that bag....#girlsjustwannahavefunds

Okay, back to studying now. Enjoy this newly discovered spunky tune by me from Passion Pit while you all anticipate my next post.


  1. In love with the hat! Fedoras, and any nice hat really, are always investments. Such a chic way to hide a bad hair day.

    -Elizabeth Joy

  2. This song is was basically my anthem in 7th grade <3
    The Zara sale is killing me with the updates but I gotta save my money.
    Love the style set and monochromatic colors.

  3. Such a gorgeous style set! Love how all the pieces coordinate together. Yesss, I so agree with you! Zara has been having an amazing sale in-store this past week. Usually I find Zara pricey sometimes, but I decided to take a peek and ended up with three gorgeous tops for $50! I think I may now be a Zara fanatic, hehe.

    Also, the Nat & Matt backpack is simply gorgeous. *_* It'll be such a perfect school bacpack, especially since I'm on the search for a new one. However, I'm a little afraid to ask how much it costs... hehe. I definitely agree with you on fedoras. I used to think they were strange to wear, but now I've fallen in love with them and I've also grown to like floppy hats too! Too bad it's freezing in the East Coast to properly wear them!

    You've got such a fantastic blog Stephanie! ^_^ It's so great to meet another teen blogger on here. Where in NY are you from? I go to school in Manhattan! Hoping we can stay in touch!

    ♥ Kelsey

    1. thank you for your kind words! my contact info is at the top right corner of my blog!

  4. Love these items! Such fresh colors :)

    Tao of Sophia

  5. Love the sock idea!

  6. I like that backpack! Nice set! :)

  7. love all of your picks!

  8. Very nice blog, i like it :) I come back here !