Monday, May 19, 2014


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Retro Round Frame Glasses c/o Firmoo

Hey guys! I hope the spring weather has been good to everyone as of late.
Today I have a rather special review for you guys and my followers interested in eye wear. Recently Firmoo, an online optics store, contacted me and was generous enough to send me a free pair of prescription or non-prescription glasses for a completely unbiased review. I'm also pleased to say that I finally have the opportunity to hold my very first giveaway on this blog, since they were also kind enough to offer the opportunity for FIVE lucky readers to win a $30 voucher to use towards a free pair of your choice of glasses- which you can get if you keep reading!

Firmoo offers hundreds styles of affordable and stylish frames from which to choose from, and their prices are fairly affordable, considering the cost of going to your local optometrist and buying a pair. First off, Firmoo offers some great features such as the Virtual Try. When you've decided the type of frame you want to buy, you can either upload a photo of yourself to see if it suits you, or you can chose from one of the many stock models Firmoo has and see which face shape corresponds to yours. According to Firmoo, this method of trying on glasses has  98% sucess rate, and it seems like I'm one of them. Also, they also have uploaded pictures of real people who happened to buy the same frame, which helps in making a decision as to buying them...or not.

After browsing the many options displayed before me, I finally selected the one in the link above (and in the aformentioned pictures). I felt that that particular one spoke to me the most, and I had a good feeling overall about my selection. When it arrived a week plus after it was shipped out, it came in a tiny envelope complete with a complimentary case, cleaning cloth, screws & screwdriver (not pictured). I personally wear glasses for reading purposes only, and since I had no knowledge of what my prescription actually was, I ended up getting a non-prescription frame. Looks like I'll have to pay extra to put the prescription in later, but if you are familiar with your own, there is a special section on their website that allows you to fill in prescription details and have it shipped to you directly.

Lastly from my perspective, the quality so far is up to my standards, and the glasses offered on Firmoo are an absolute steal. If you bought glasses the normal route and had a portion of it covered by insurance, the out of pocket cost would probably be a bit more than $30. Even though I'm fairly satisfied with my choice, the collection on their website have an incredible number of options, whether you are male or female.  They also offer a variety of specialty options, including reading glasses, computer glasses, bifocals, and prescription sunglasses, along with different colors to choose from! Overall, shopping from Firmoo is a great experience, and quite frankly I'd be more than happy to recommend them to my readers.

Now for the giveaway, Firmoo is offering the opportunity for five readers to win a pair of free glasses with a $30 voucher. In order to qualify, you'll need to complete the mandatory steps below, and some optional steps to have a better chance at winning! Contest begins May 19th and ends on June 2nd.

****Also, if any of my followers know a great gif making program that produces gifs at a higher quality (preferably not Photoshop b/c i'm poor) and happens to be free, please leave some additional tips in the comments section.
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  1. I'd love some large frames!

  2. I love BC21330 or the ones you're wearing! Anything with a larger frame and in the color black or tortoise shell would be awesome :)

  3. Another inspiring post from you dear! love it! ♥

    New post on the blog sweetie!

  4. cute photos as always.

  5. lovely blog :)

  6. Missed it!! damn..looks like a cool giveaway..and nice blog btw ;-)

    Greets Jon,
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  7. I'm so happy I won, thank you for the opportunity!
    I was wondering how were the others notified because I haven't received my voucher yet?
    It's it under the email I use for rafflecopter or for my Google account?

    1. i believe i sent you one with the email you used in applying! please email me for further questions!