Friday, June 20, 2014



Shirt Dress: The WhitePepper // Bag: Zara // Boots: Ecote via Urban Outfitters

I finally did it.
After many promises made, I finally hauled ass and began the process of taking outfit photos for this blog, which I haven't done since....January. Yikes. It was a rather welcome change for me, compared to the stress of school I've been facing this past year.....and now, it's all over. A week until I graduate high school, here we go. Also, I apologize if these photos look rather amateurish, I took them all with my tripod since I dread the thought of actually asking people to take pictures of me without them asking questions. Besides, not many of the people I know are well versed in knowing how to use a dslr anyway. The weather conditions were perfect- although it was hot, the lighting was amazing and for the first time in a while, I didn't feel the need to edit any of my photos (except for one).
And a first! I drove to an actual location (behind a tiny strip mall, lol) and shot these photos there instead of my comfort zone- my house. To be quite honest I was a bit unnerved by a few of the stares by like 3 cars passing by, presumably wondering what the hell I was doing, but oh well.

This shirt dress was on one of my previous wishlists from like two months ago- and I managed to snatch this piece up from TWP's website when they were offering a sale + free shipping. A sale of 39 pounds for UK citizens may be nothing, but personally it made my wallet bleed a regrets, though. I plan to mix and match it whit a whole lot of other outfits soon.
I finally got my long coveted messenger lunch bag, courtesy of Zara via eBay. Personally I love how versatile it is to carry around and the easy removal of straps. While it does get a bit tiring refolding the opening and reattaching the magnetic clasp, it still does the job.
Lastly, I absolutely adore the leather Ecote boots I got from Urban Outfitters, and at a decent sale too. As soon as I put them on my feet, it was initially quite painful to walk in due to the friction caused by the hard leather inside. I did find a solution though- Vaseline. After I rubbed them on the pressure points at the back of my foot, I was actually able to walk in them normally without the obvious limping and the inquiries of people going "Are you ok???", and finally begin the process of breaking them in.

Score one for me.


  1. Wow, these pictures are so amazing, i nearly can´t believe it ;-)
    I really love your blog, keep going !!


  2. these are great, can't wait to see more! also, that bag is LOVE. :)

  3. Really adorable and wonderful post sweetie!! great job! :D

    New style post on the blog dear! ^_^

  4. ahah I always get nervous when I take photos and see people watching me it's like i get stage fright! The photos are definitely worth it though, you look so lovely.

  5. You look gorgeous, love the simple camel and black together. And those BOOTS!!!
    xo Hannah

  6. Very stylish and unique look! The pictures are great!

  7. Haha, it is so awkward when you have to walk around in new painful shoes. I feel you! Love your outfit + blog design so much! It is so timeless and chic. Great photography too. Followed you with GFC :)

  8. love the outfit! and omg i have that bag too, it does get tiring reattaching the magnetic clasps.

  9. Loooooooove this outfit, I definitely need to add a shirt dress to my closet. And for what it's worth the photos look fine. I had my friend use my dslr once and the photos looked the way the would have if I had used self-timer, so I totally understand the photo thing. If you have nikon or canon Amazon sells remotes for pretty cheap and they've made my photos a better quality!

    Sienna xx