Monday, September 22, 2014


In early August of last month, my family decided to take a long awaited trip down to the City of Sin....after five long hours of molding my butt to the seat of the plane, touching down at McCarran airport was a relief. In case you forgot where you were, the airport had tons of little casino slots all over. Which didn't come as a surprise to me, because after all- it's Vegas.

In case you wanted to gamble away your flight ticket back home....this a true story- I saw dozens of homeless tourists on the Strip who had literally no way to get home because they gambled away all of their

I happen to have close relatives of mine who've lived in Vegas for years, and they were more than happy to play tourist guide and took us down to the Strip to see various places. Caesars Palace was one of the first places we visited.

After walking through the casino section of Caesars, we finally made our way over to the shopping section, where there were a lot of high end designer stores. In case you missed it, here's a selfie I took in the Sandro Paris boutique on my Insta!

Too many nice things that I have no way of affording...window shopping is just as good.

And of course, the casinos...I think I've smelled enough cigar smoke and seen enough slots to last me a lifetime.

All in all, it was a really good experience. There were so many tourists hustling and jostling about carrying Louis Vuitton bags among other things, and I had a bit of trouble keeping up with my family because I needed to take so many snaps. They had some really good gelato kiosks there (yay for samples!) but we ended up not buying anything from there...the food was horribly overpriced. There was no way in hell I was buying a $7 hotdog...I don't even eat hotdogs, and you could find one on the NYC streets for literally less than half the price.

There was also a lot more to Caesars Palace than what I've shown you here- with a hotel, mall and gambling section, this place is truly enormous. Its gaudy roman columns, pillars, statues of roman goddesses and soldiers, and paintings of clouds and cherubs decorating the ceiling was enough to leave an impressionable memory on me.

Also, part 2 is coming up, so stay tuned!


  1. I love going to new places and just walking around and window shopping! I wish I could go to Vegas. I hope it was as fun as it looks!

    xx Patricia

  2. Wow amazing pictures, would love to go there one day

  3. Loving these pictures - I'd love to go to Vegas! xx