Friday, October 17, 2014


After, we finally walked outside of Caesar's Palace and came outside to The Strip. For the next hour, my family and my cousin walked up and down the streets. It would have been a more comfortable experience for me if I had packed more comfortable shoes- I brought these leather boots from Urban Outfitters that fit me perfectly, but walking in them after a while hurt, since the back of my foot rubbed up against the hard leather. Also, it was 100 degrees outside, and by then I had gotten used to the dry desert heat- a welcome change from East Coast humidity. The fun thing about Vegas is that they have their own version of everything- the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Arc de Triomphe. It's even cooler in person seeing these classic landmarks.

Also, if you're a tourist and you're walking on The Strip- don't look down! Some of you may already know what I mean, which is that the sidewalks tend to be littered with escort cards offering 'services'...and trucks drive around The Strip constantly advertising strip clubs, but in a place that calls itself "Sin City", it wasn't really anything I was completely surprised about. (Didn't get any pictures, sorry not sorry!)

On our way out we came across the Caesars Palace King Neptune Fountain- an exact replica of the Trevi Fountain in it, their similarities are uncanny. Like any other tourist that has never experienced the experience that is Vegas, I immediately started to take pictures of it.

After walking around for so long, we met up with my cousin's parents at a buffet restaurant inside the Bellagio, another nice hotel/casino resort next door to Caesars. The food was absolutely delicious- at that point I was too tired to take a food pic, and my feet were aching...sorry!

However, as soon as we were done eating, my uncle told us that there would be a fountain display at the front of the Bellagio. When we got there, there was already a crowd of people waiting to see the fountain display...and when it finally started, I thought it was nice, but a little anti-climatic. I was expecting more, but it really wasn't much, just a few synchronized water jets here and there.

After the fountain show was done, we were going to leave the strip but decided to stay a little longer to see a street performer perform a Michael Jackson dance routine. They had the costume down and everything, even the hair was right. My mom and my cousin were filming the whole time, and after they were done, everyone watching cheered and began tho take money out of their wallets to throw in a hat that sat on the ground next to the performer. Even my mom felt compelled to throw in a five.

Hell, whether it's gambling, stripping, street performing- Las Vegas sure knows how to hustle.

New York bound- aerial of Vegas.

I spent the remainder of my time at Vegas eating and doing a bit of outlet shopping. More so of eating than shopping. I can't forget the coffee flavored froyo I had topped with cookies and Captain Crunch cereal was so good.

At the end, I was sad that I had to leave Vegas for New York. My only regret is that I didn't get to see enough of The Strip, or get the opportunity to try an In n' Out burger- a must if you're going to be on the West Coast for a certain period. We came to Las Vegas on a fairly short schedule, and I would have loved to see a Cirque du Soleil show, or stay in a swanky hotel and wander endlessly around high end shops and the slot machines...well, all I can say is, this definitely won't be the last time I'll visit.

Viva Las Vegas.


  1. Ah this looks bright & busy. I totally want to see that Trevi fountain replica!! (&the real thing, of course :B) Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip!

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