Wednesday, November 5, 2014


SHIRT DRESS // The WhitePepper (SIMILAR)
TSHIRT // American Apparel
JEANS // Calvin Klein
SHOES // New Balance 574

Hello again!
Looking back now, it's hard to believe that the last time I posted an outfit was in the summer...yikes. At the time I did have a lot of stuff going on between working and getting ready for college, so I wasn't as active with the outfit postings as I would have liked to be. The good news now is that my camera is finally fixed, and this post is up and ready to go! Bad news: I left my battery charger for my camera back at home, so it'll be a while before the next outfit post will come up.

This has to be the second time that my shirtdress from The WhitePepper makes its debut in an outfit post- something I just realized as I typed this. It also doubles as a nifty cardigan- something I don't have a lot of in black these days. Also along for the ride is my trusted New Balance sneakers, they've been a go-to staple in my daily wear for quite some time now. It's one of the most comfy shoes I own, quite frankly. Personally I felt that the alphabet shirt was a nice touch- the S should be rather self explanatory.

Initially when I was looking to get a Longchamp tote as a graduation present, I was searching for the Les Planetes model, but when I went to the store in Rockerfeller Center, the rather French sounding saleslady told me that that model had been discontinued, but they had something similar, and at the same price. The only thing different was the zipper. At the end I walked out of the store, my new bag in my hand walking along 5th Avenue...thus beginning my daily use of the bag. Longchamp totes are honestly the most useful and convenient bags ever made...especially handy if you're trying to stuff your computer and your books inside in order to make it on class to time.

Lastly- do you know how hard it was to find a spot on campus where I could take pictures freely without being stared at? I found one, but it wasn't the best, since there were woods across the street from me that I didn't realize people walked through...long story short, taking pictures of myself on a tripod where people can see me makes me really, really nervous.


  1. Love this look! Those New Balances are great, and I love how you styled that shirtdress!

  2. Great outfit, especially love the shirt dress worn as a duster coat!

  3. Into it. Love this as a v quintessential fall casual college chic outfit. :) Makes me happy.Lol I feel you about finding places on campus where u can be alone to take cute pics of yourself. i basically can't find places like this most times of the day. I think this spot goes with the overall feel of your outfit though, tbh.

  4. ha i know what you mean about tripod selfies! i usually convince a friend to help me out so I feel less awkward lol